[What we do]

We are a block producer on EOSIO based blockchains. Currently WAX.io is our biggest blockchain that we provide infrastructure and services for.
We believe that the current implementations and products are mostly targeted to a niche market and tech savvy people. Our goal is to build products that are easy to use and help to bring blockchain to a broader audience.

[Our locations]

Our headquarter is based in a small town near Stuttgart, Germany. All of our nodes are located in state of the art datacenters spread across the world, but with a focus on the european region:


Public Node


Public Node


Producer Node


Producer Node

[Our services]

We currently offer the following services exclusively on the WAX blockchain:


A single endpoint for creating requests for WAX Apis. OneApi automatically routes the request to the best possible endpoint out of a list of validated endpoints.



A lightweight toolkit for validating the functioning of EOSIO endpoints. It can be run as a standalone service or in combination with the Blacklusion Pager.


A messaging service built on Telegram, aiming to inform subscribers about the current status of their infrastructure.


Striving to centralize the informational content for the WAX Blockchain.